lesson three grammar

The grammar points include the following:

  1. 无论 … 都 … (regardless, making something unconditional, often used with choice type /true-not true pattern, and/or question words used as indefinites)
    1. 无论我爸爸妈妈同意不同意,今年我要跟我的男朋友结婚。
    2. 无论没想到她会自杀
    3. 无论哪我们不想去。
  2. 难道 … (rhetorical question)
    1. 难道不觉得买东西不付钱不对吗?
    2. 难道你们都不愿意帮助那个老人吗?
  3. 要不然 … (or else/otherwise)
    1. 你最好别给他的女朋友打电话,要不然她会觉得你也很喜欢她。
    2. 你把你的电脑放好,要不然会被别人拿走。
  4. 非 … 不可 (It has to be this)
    1. 昨天晚上下大雨,可是他去看电影不可
    2. 喝咖啡,她喝没有牛奶🥛的不可
  5. 除了 … 以外,… 还/都 … (in addition to/with the exception of)
    1. 除了中国以外,妈妈去过日本。
    2. 除了他自己以外,他都不在乎。

翻译练习;Feel free to come up with your own two sentences for each word phrase.

  1. With the exception of water, she drinks no other beverage (饮料).
  2. In addition to math (数学), he is also interested in history (历史) and literature (文学)
  3. Yesterday her son had to buy this toy (玩具).
  4. He says that I must go to see him in his office by 8am.
  5. We should start eating now, or else the food would all go cold.
  6. All can speak, otherwise there won’t be freedom (自由) and democracy (民主).
  7. Aren’t you the one from Beijing?
  8. Do you mean to tell me that Starbuck coffee is not too expensive?
  9. Regardless whether tomorrow’s weather is good or bad, I’ll come to see you.
  10. No matter where you are, you can talk to your friends on WeChat (微信).